Pick the best drum heads for you!

No matter what genre you play or the configuration of your drum kit, Evans will have a head for you!

The G1 series is perfect for all drummers. Featuring coated and clear heads. Evans G1 drum heads have a single ply and deliver an open, wide sound. These drum heads are ideal for tuning and making the perfect sound for you!

Evans Heavy Weight series was designed for drummers in the rock/metal genre. The durability of these heads is like no other; perfect for hard hitting drummers. Featuring two plies of 10 mil film which helps deliver a compressed attack whilst preserving a wide dynamic range.

One of my personal favourites from Evans is the Black Chrome series. They have such a fantastic look and make any drum kit look cooler. These drum heads are designed for drummers in the rock/metal genre. The two ply, 7mil film helps shorten the sustain and highlight the mid to low frequency.

The super versatile 300 series is perfect for every genre. These clear snare drum heads deliver a wide dynamic range along with producing a controlled snare response at all dynamic levels.

Be sure to check out our Evans collection. We absolutely love them!

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