EnterTheLexicon Bassist Working In a Shop?!


The world of drums is completely alien to me, I just merely bob my head along in typical bassist fashion like a starved chicken frantically pecking at the ground for food. Nonetheless I found myself at The Drum Shop today writing descriptions for snare heads like it was going out of fashion. If you ask me anything about Remo Emperor Heads you'll probably find me wide eyed, resighting the list of codes that i've written up today, speaking in a Windows 98' voice over. I was asked on arrival if I was a drummer to which I replied "no, i'm just a bassist", a common sigh or an immediate swift exit is usually followed (mostly by women) and I was surprised to find there was no prejudice from the lovely Maisie. I was pleased to find that my co-worker today was the drummer from TheNX, who I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with last year with my band EnterTheLexicon. 

I've been to the Drum Shop a few times in my life, usually attending with my drummer when he splits a hole in his snare head. It's still one of my favourite shops in the North-East, even though I've never actually bought or wanted anything from here, ironic really. 

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