New Zildjian Orchestral Cymbals!

New Zildjian Cymbals...

The past couple of days I've been adding new Zildjian Orchestral cymbals to the website!

The cymbals are from the K Constantinople series and they are all fantastic! Right now there are 14 to choose from but I will be adding some more soon so stay on the lookout!

One of my favourites is definitely the "ZILDJIAN 20" K CONSTANTINOPLE VINTAGE MEDIUM LIGHT PAIR CYMBALS" which comes with pads, straps and a bag! They give a great sound that is normally only found in cymbals that are over one hundred years old which I think is very cool. It has an impressive loud volume for all of you who like to be heard!

Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Vintage Medium Light Cymbals

Another one of my personal favourites is the "ZILDJIAN 18" K CONSTANTINOPLE SUSPENDED CYMBAL" as it is very warm yet has a dark, low pitch which gives it an interesting sound. Along with all of its other fab features, it responds immediately which is good for fast playing.

Zildjian 18" K Constantinople Suspended Cymbal

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