Istanbul Agop Xist Cymbals now Online!

Istanbul Agop Xist Series Cymbals.

Lots of new cymbals are online from Istanbul Agop and we are really excited about it! Istanbul Agop make some pretty impressive cymbals and they'd be perfect addition to anyones current setup.

These Istanbul Agop 14" Xist Brilliant Hi-Hat cymbals are crisp and focused along with being ideal for all skill levels ranging from beginners to professional drummers. The Xist Hi-Hats have a bright sound that blends well with all music styles and at such a low price, how could you not want them??

The Istanbul Agop 16" Xist ION Crash cymbal is perfect for hand drumming, in a stack or for accents. Featuring geometric holes that help deliver a raw, splashy attack.

This Istanbul Agop 24" Xist Ride cymbal has a clear, focused attack as well as moderate undertones. Just like the rest of the Xist series, the Istanbul 24" ride is suitable for all skill levels.

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