New Vater drumsticks now Available!

You should all be pleased to hear that I have just added 99 new Vater drumsticks online and there's even more to come! The series' I added were Colour Wrap, Hickory and Speciality Sticks, all of which are really cool.

The Colour Wrap series is ideal for those who want to add a little something to the visual side of their playing. All 30 of the colour wraps are really eye catching and although it's hard to chose, I think my favourite pair are these Vater 5A Colour Wrap Nylon Blue Sparkle Drumsticks. Not only do they have a cool look but they are extremely durable and no extra weight is added because of the colour wrap, so overall they're a pretty amazing pair of sticks.

Vater 5A Colour Wrap Nylon Blue Sparkle Drumsticks

From the Hickory series, I really like these Vater Hickory 52nd Street Jazz Wood Drumsticks. They are named after the well known street in Manhattan and has a design that is similar to those from the Jazz and Big Band era which I think is so interesting!! The Vater 52nd Street Jazz drumsticks have oval tips that help deliver warm, broad ride cymbal tones as well as full-bodied drum sounds.

Vater Hickory 52nd Street Jazz Wood Drumsticks

Last but not least, my favourite pair from the Speciality Sticks series are these Vater Bamboo Splashstick Drumsticks. They are the same design as Vaper's original Splashstick but these ones are made from Bamboo dowels. The Vater Bamboo Splashsticks have a heavier weight to give a more solid feel as well as being extremely durable. Another feature that I like is that they are eco-friendly as Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, cool right?

Vater Bamboo Splashstick Drumsticks

Thanks for reading, please follow me on Twitter @theadrum :)

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