Istanbul Mehmet cymbals are here!

Introducing Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals here at Newastle Drum Centre!

We are excited to announce that we're introducing Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals here at Newcastle Drum Centre. I'm going to tell you more about the features of these cymbals, but first you have to know their story. It all started with Mr. Mehmet Tamdeğer who learned his art from Mikhail Zilcan, the grandson of Kerope Zilcan, after whom the Zilcan K series is named. In the 1950s, he worked in the K. Zilcan factory in Istanbul and at the age of nine Mehmet Tamdeğer started to work for Mikhail Zilcan, grandson of Kerope Zilcan. Mikhail and Kirkor Küçükyan taught him every aspect of this ancient Turkish art, based on a history that stems back to the early 17th century.

The Istanbul brand name was adopted by a cymbal works established by two cymbalsmiths, Mehmet Tamdeger and Agop Tomurcuk. At that time, they had over three decades of cymbal making experience. Mehmet and Agop named their company after the city that has been home to the epitome of high quality cymbals for many, many years: Istanbul. 

Ok! I think that's enough history for today :P . So, as I said earlier, we're going to talk a bit about what you'll find on the website and the features of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals. If you take a look at our cymbals section you'll see a link that takes you to Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals and as you can probably see, we have already added the Traditional Series. These Series are ideally suited for almost any style of playing and any music genre. They are perfect for all types of players and they are the definition of perfection with an authentic and traditional sound.  You can choose between Crashes, Splashes/Bells, Rides,  Chinas and Hi Hats, they are all amazing.

You probably noticed that we have added a few Istanbul Mehmet Session Series Cymbals as well, and we are going to add a lot more in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. The Session Series Cymbals combine the traditional with the modern. They feature a brilliant, polished area from the bell to the half section of the edge and traditional finish for the rest. They have been designed for the modern drummer who is likely to play varied styles and genres of music and need a cymbal which will help to achieve this.

If you want to find more about Istanbul Mehmet's history and their products, just visit their website by clicking here. Also, if you need any help, don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll sort it out for you.

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