Los Cabos Drumsticks now Available!

Los Cabos Drumsticks now available online at your favourite drum shop!

These new Los Cabos drumsticks are extremely long lasting and durable, they're perfect for all drummers and music styles. They're made from natural wood and don't break easily which is what everyone wants!

These 'Los Cabos 2B Red Hickory Drumsticks' are made from wood that is from the very heart of the tree which makes them even more durable and long lasting. They also have a cool, darker look.

Los Cabos 2B Red Hickory Drumsticks

If you like to do good, then these 'Los Cabos 5A Pinks White Hickory Drumsticks' are perfect for you. Every pair you buy helps support Breast Cancer Research through an annual donation! The Los Cabos 5A Pinks have a cool look and won't break on you.

Los Cabos 5A Pinks White Hickory Drumsticks

The 'Los Cabos Shotgun White Hickory Drumsticks' are a good weight but still won't break. Featuring a wood tip and a 16" length. These Los Cabos Shotgun drumsticks are extremely long lasting and a good buy!

Los Cabos Shotgun White Hickory Drumsticks

Most of the drumsticks come in different sizes so you're sure to find some that are perfect for you!

Thank you for reading :)

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