2015 DW Design Series Drum Kits are Here!

The DW Design Series Drum Kits are now online!

DW Drum Workshop Design Series Drum Kits

Yes! That's right! The DW Design Series Drum Kits are now available ate Newcastle Drum Centre and they are super awesome. For those who don;t know, DW stands for Drum Workshop and it's one of the biggest drumming companies on the market at the moment.

DW started as a drumming school more than 40 years ago in Santa Monica, California. and now they are one of the leading brands on the market. Their mission statement says "Drum Workshop was founded to supply drummers wit percussion products made of the highest quality design, material and craftsmanship. To contnually strive to raise the state of the art and be innovative leaders in the industry."

If you take a look at our DW Drum Workshop Section you'll see that we have added the Design Series Drum Kits which include the Standard Design Drum Kits, The Frequent Flyer and the BRAND NEW FOR 2015 Mini Pro Drum Kits.

If I was to pick my favourite I think I'd go for the Mini Pro. This drum kit became a much talked subject among DW artists and  it was originally designed as a high-end drum set for children / beginner drummers. Its top quality construction and the shells which consist 100% of North American maple in a beautiful Tobacco Burst Finish and with no reinforcement hoops make this drum kit pretty astonishing. The Mini-Pro makes its return as part of the Design Series line-up featuring low-mass spurs and a ratchet bass drum mount.

The Design Series include the following drum kits:

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll sort it out for you. Also, if you enjoyed this article, don't be shy and share it. 

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