New! Istanbul Mehmet Sultan Cymbals

Istanbul Mehmet Sultan Series Cymbals

We have just expanded our cymbal section with a new range of cymbals, Istanbul Mehmet Sultan Series. They are of a high quality craftsmanship and will do great in any given situation.

These cymbals are a combination between the Traditional and the Turk Series. They feature a sound with unique brilliant characteristics of the Traditional series and the dry & woody sound of the unlathed Turk series. The top of the cymbal features an unlathed cup that produce a strong, compact bell sound and an unlathed concentric circle on the bow reducing overtones and drying the sound.

If you want to find more about the Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals you can click here to read one of my blogs about this subject, or visit their website by clicking here.

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll sort it out for you, also, if you enjoyed reading this blog post, don't be shy and Tweet it.


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