VicKick Bass Drum Beaters from Vic Firth!

VicKick Bass Drum Beaters

Yup! That's right! The well known VicKick beaters from Vic Firth are now here and they are waiting for something to kick! These beaters are available in three choices: felt, wood and fleece and they come fitted with spherical heads which provide a consistent striking surface. Each one of these three special beaters provide distinct and appropriate levels of articulation and achieving an enhanced low-end sound at the same time.

The VicKick series beaters, both the felt and wood models feature a unique dual striking position, set in the “radial” position, the beater offers clear articulation, consistent rebound and allows for side-by-side clearance when used on double pedal set-ups. The fleece beater features an oval felt core and sets up in a singular position.

I think my favourite is the fleece beater which comes fitted with a medium felt core covered with fleece in order to achieve an incredibly full and warm sound! This beater is ideally suited for Jazz playing.

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