Pearl Hardware now available online!

Pearl Hardware On Our Website Now!

We have finally added all Pearl hardware to our website for you too check out!! As most of you already know Pearl are the leading brand in hardware and have some excellent pieces that will last you years.

One of my favorite pieces that i have been checking out was the Pearl P-930 Eliminator Demonator Single Pedal

The solidly constructed Eliminator pedal is perfect for those drummers on a budget, the pedal gives you so much more for your money, the fast and powerful response just oozes high quality.

The pedal has an interchangeable cam that adjusts to suit any playing style from rock to jazz which makes the pedal great for anyone and everyone.

 I have also uploaded some amazing Pearl drum thrones while adding Pearl hardware to our website, my absolute favorite drum throne of all time is finally on our website check it out Pearl Drum Throne D-2500BR

The Throne has been updated and renewed to an amazing standard, you wont sit on a more comfy drum throne, the ultra plush sponge and leather combination gives the up most support that allows you to play for hours!! It also come with the removable backrest for extra support if needed.

Head straight over to our website for some amazing deals on all our Pearl hardware! Check it out today!



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