Ruach Cajons - love at first sound!

Our online products just go a few neighbours, the Ruach Cajons and cajon bags. Ruach is a new company in the industry of manufacturing instruments and they have a clear purpose: crafting instruments that musicians desire. They are also minimizing their carbon footprint by using hard wax oil to finish the instruments, solar panels to power their premises and plant a tree for every instrument they sell.

On our website you can now find Ruach products and if you ask me, they are pretty awesome. Let's start with the MK Series, here we have "The Original Cajon" MK1, "The Clever Cajon" MK2 and "The Cajon with a Difference" MK3. These cajons are made of 100% birch and they have a sleek design.

The Live Range Cajons includes "The Flagship Cajon" Live A and "The Creative Cajon" Live B. The Live Range Cajons are made of Cherry Wood and they don't only sound good, but they look even better. We have also added a coupl of cajon bags from Ruach and a Road Stompbox.

So, take a look at these beauties and I guarantee that it'll be love at first sound. Also, if you liked this article, please share it with your friends and if you need any help, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

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