Brand new Mapex Armory Snare Drums

We have just received a new delivery of Mapex Amory Snare Drums ( Yay! ) and all I can say is they are "Wow!" at all levels. These snare drums are super-duper amazing and they sound even better. But, for those who didn't hear about Mapex Armory snare drums here's a short description: these beauties are a line of snare drums designed to complement any style of playing and blow the roof of any venue when played properly. Also, they need to be loved so handle with care.

As part of the Armory series we can find the following snare drums: 

They come packed with high-quality features, check out below for more details.

 Feature Description
The SONIClear Bearing Edge (Standard on all Armory wood shell models)
Allows drumhead to sit flat and tune effortlessly and respond with a stronger fundamental pitch.
The Piston Strainer with Vertical Throw-Off Enables a quick, comfortable, and smooth operation and prevents snare wire tension changes during play
Solid Steel Armory Tube Lugs
They deliver greater tuning accuracy and shell stability while giving the drum an elegant yet modern
Stainless Steel Snare Wire with Brass End-Plates
They respond with a warm and crisp snap across a wide dynamic range
emo® USA Coated Ambassador® Batter Heads
Medium-weight, single-ply heads that produce a warm, open, and resonant sound with a fast attack. It's the player’s standard for all snare heads. 


Mapex Armory Snare Drums

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 0191 221 0301 and we'll sort it out for you. Also, if you enjoyed this article, don't be shy and press that tweet button and you're welcome to pop in and discover the fantastic sound of Mapex Armory Snare Drums.. :)

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