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As a drummer, you want to achieve the best playing experience and to get the best out of a drum kit. But as you know, it's pretty hard to find a drum kit that sounds great and looks good at the same time.....until now. We have just added on our website a range of drum kits from Pearl, and trust me! these drum kits are absolutely amazing and they are exactly what you are looking for.

You can now see that our Pearl drum kits section just got a bit bigger, we have added the Crystal Beat, Reference and Reference Pure Series. Below you can see a short description of each series and what are their features.

Pearl Crystal Beat Series

The Crystal Beat Series drum kits provide a fantastic combination of visual appeal and powerful sonic attack. They feature a seamless construction which was molded and not rolled in order to create a strong acrylic drum system that could stand up to the rigours of either live or studio playing. Some of the features of these drum kits include:

  • 7mm Seamless Moulded Acrylic
  • 2-Ply on Tom Batters, Single-Ply Resonant
  • OptiMount Suspension System
  • Chrome fittings
  • 1.6mm Triple-Flanged Hoops
  • CB Mid Lugs on Toms, CB Fat-Lugs on Bass
  • Available in Ultra Clear, Ruby Red and Tangerine Glass Finishes

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Pearl Crystal Beat Series Drum Kits

Pearl Reference Series

The Reference Series from Pearl include some of the highest quality drum kits and shell packs. They include complete sets of individually engineered, incredible sounding drums. Every drum part of these kits is optimally engineered to produce the best sound possible within its respective tonal range and diameter. Check out below some of their features:

  • Individually engineered drums
  • Bridge style lugs
  • Floor Tom Leg BracketsAir Suspension Rubber Tips
  • MasterCast Die-Cast Hoops
  • Stainless Steel Tension Bolts
  • Bass Drum Claw Hook
  • OptiMount Suspension System

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Pearl Reference Series Drum Kits

Pearl Reference Pure Series

The Reference Series drums use a rotating combination of both 1.6mm and .9mm wood plies in their shell construction, while the new Reference Pure Series drum kits use only .9mm thick plies in their construction. What results, is a thin, resonant and extremely vibrant yet powerful near-field experience, along with the wonderful accentuation effects of Birch and African Mahogany placed exactly where they are needed most. Some of the features of these drum kits include:

  • Low Mass Even-Ply Shells
  • Individually engineered shells
  • STL Bridge LugsSTL Bridge Lugs w/ Swivel Function w/ Swivel Function
  • Fat Tone HoopsFat Tone Hoops
  • Bridge FT Leg Brackets
  • Aluminum OptiMountOptimount Tom Holders
  • Stainless Steel Tension Rods

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Pearl Reference Pure Series Drum Kits



So, don't wait and grab them while they're hot. Also, if you need any help, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll sort it out for you. And, if you liked this article, don't be shy and hit the tweet/like button (psst, it doesn't bite :P ).


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