LUDWIG... The most famous name on Drums!

In the beginning... 

Ludwig drum company was founded over 100 years ago in 1909 and, as you can imagine, has come a long way since then! Ludwig's first started out as a drum shop in Chicago called Ludwig & Ludwig. The shop was a success and plans to add new products were underway and by 1916 snare drums and tuning Timpani were added to Ludwig's fast growing catalog. Moving into 1917, a deal was signed by Ludwig to build rope drums to support World War I. The first Ludwig factory was bought way back in 1937, here they continued to manufacture a fairly small number of drums and once World War II was over, the company began to grow in to a large drum manufacturer.

In February 1964, The Beatles made their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show playing a Ludwig drum kit with a Ludwig logo bass drum displayed head. This show was watched by over seventy million people and this was huge exposure for Ludwig drums!

The POWER of Ludwig...

After the drumming World sat up and took note of these amazing drums, By the mid 1960's Ludwig was the only drum kit anyone wanted to own and play. With the likes of Drum Guru Buddy Rich turning to Ludwig, The greatest names from so many different genres of Music were soon on the case to have a piece of Ludwig action. 

I remember hearing a tale that happened in the late 60's. American hard Rockers Vanilla Fudge took little a known British band 'Led Zeppelin' out on a U.S tour as their opening act. The American audiences were blown away by Zeppelin, Which was the very start of their phenomenal success. Vanilla Fudge Drummer Carmine Appice was so impressed with Zeppelin's drummer John Henry Bonham that he helped Bonham in becoming a Ludwig artist, Getting him sorted out with virtually the same Ludwig kit as Carmine was using. Mr Bonham went on to become the most influential drummer in Rock of all time, Dominating the Music world with Led Zeppelin until his sad passing in September 1980.  His instantly recognisable sound & playing style continues to influence the drummers of Today.

Over the Years the Ludwig Artist Roster was always filled with Rock n Roll Royalty with the likes of Drumming maestros - Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Carl Palmer, Carmine Appice and Alex Van Halen to name just a few, Making Ludwig certainly live up to their slogan... The most famous name in drums!!

As a kid I always wanted a Ludwig drum kit. Most of my favourite drummer's played them, They had that classic look & always sounded a Million Dollars! I was lucky enough to get a mega 1970's Classic Kit in silver sparkle with a 70's 402 Supraphonic snare drum about 10 years ago, Which I love to bits. 

During the 80's-90's Ludwig's competitors began to grow in popularity, Especially the Japanese Drum companies who were becoming major players in the Drumming World. But as they say "You can't keep a good dog down", Ludwig are now back with a vengance, Making beautiful Drums that will make you proud to own!! 

We have a load of Amazing Ludwig gear in store which would make any Luddy enthusiast go weak at the knees from the beautiful Ludwig Classic Maple fab 3-Piece drum kit in vintage black oyster to the King of all snare drums the Ludwig Supraphonic Black Beauty.

Give us a call on 0191 2210301 or shop now on our cool website!

Thanks for checkin' it out!

Danny Needham

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