Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums

Yamaha have been one of the leading manufacturers of electronic drums since the mid- 1980's, and their DTXplorer kit has been a best seller over the past ten years, popular with students, teachers, serious giggers and bedroom players! In recent years, the DTX range seen some major improvements and expanded to cater for every budget! 

The budget range of the DTX kits is the DTX400 series. Comprising of the 400k, 430k and 450k, this range is simple but functional. Great for beginners and younger players, the module features 10 preset drum kits, some fun "training" functions with voice guidance and 10 play-a-long songs. The 450 and 430 both come with a kick drum pedal, while the 400 utilises a "Silent Kick" unit, perfect for keeping the neighbours happy(ish)! 

Yamaha DTX450k electronic drum kit

The DTX502 range introduces Yamaha's new "DTX-PAD" which features a "Textured Cellular Silicone Head" (which is a posh way of saying "it's spongey"). Made from a silicone foam and filled with tiny air bubbles, these pads replicate the playability and feel of a "real" drum head. The 522k and 532k only feature this as a snare pad, but upgrade to a 542k, 562k, or 582k and you'll have these for the toms too! 

The 502 range also features 3-zone cymbal pads, allowing you to play the bell, bow and edge of the cymbals for more expressive and realistic playing. A "real hi-hat" pad is available on some of the 502 kits, mounted on a real hi hat stand.

With over 650 built in drum kit sounds, improved training functions and the ability to link to a computer, the DTX502 range is great for the more serious player without breaking the bank!

Yamaha DTX582K Electronic Drum Kit

Moving up into the "professional" end of the DTX drums, we have the DTX700 drum kits. The DTX700 module holds over 1200 voices, with real Yamaha acoustic drum samples! It also features  64MB flash memory, allowing you to add your own sounds. Perfect for triggering samples in a live situation. 

The Yamaha DTX700 kits include the silicone DTX-PADs, 3-zone cymbal pads and real hi hat, and the 750K has an extra crash cymbal pad. 

Yamaha DTX750k Electronic Drum Kit

Finally, Yamaha's flagship electronic drum kit range is the DTX900. The sounds within the DTX900 module have increased sensitivity, allowing you to produce more natural snare rolls and cymbal swells. There is also an effects unit to add reverb and chorus (among other effects) to your sounds, to really fine tune your perfect drum kits! Along with the ability to mix and match sounds, as well as add your own, the possibilities are endless. 

This is a great piece of kit for the professional drummer. It's compatibility with DAW software and it's live capabilities make it a powerful tool to any musician!

Yamaha DTX950mk Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha have really pushed the boat out with the new line of DTX drums. If it's predecessors were great, then these are phenomenal! With so many configurations available, there really is a  kit to suit every requirement and budget.

Yamaha DTX drums are in store now, come and try them for yourself!


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