EVANS... A Head above the rest.

I thought I'd write a few lines about what is in my humble opinion the greatest Drum head company out there, Evans. Having played most of the heads that other companies make over the Years I always found that Evans were the most durable, Best sounding & coolest heads out there. I was lucky enough to become an Evans artist around 5 Years ago, So It's been great to explore the differences between the vast range of products they do. 

At present I'm using a couple of different set ups which I find complement each drum kit perfectly.

On one drum kit I'm using Evans EMAD 2 on my 24" Bass Drums -  These are a two-ply version of the popular EMAD 1. The combination of a 6.5mil and 10mil film give extreme durability and enhanced attack, while the two interchangeable damping rings maximise low-end and allow you to adjust sustain and feel.

Evans EMAD 2

For the Toms I've got Evans EC2 heads on the batter side - This head features the Sound Shaping Technology (SST), a new dampening technique that gives a greater performance for each individually sized drumhead. These drum heads are made using 2-Plies of 7mm film, which increases attack, tone, length of sustain and also allows you to tune each head easily.

On the Snare Drum I have a 14" Evans Hybrid - The Hybrid drum heads are very durable drum heads and are fitted with two unique fibers to enhance the durability as well as projection, flexibility and response. The Evans Hybrid series drum heads are perfect for heavy hitters and feature a unique wear-resistant texture, which works well for brush application. These Evans heads are without a doubt the longest lasting snare batter heads out there! 

Buy Evans Hybrid Drum Heads

On another drum kit I've gone for Evans EQ3 on the Bass Drum - The EQ3 drum heads have a two-ply design and are fitted with an internal overtone control ring along with a removable muffle ring for ultimate endurance. Evans' EQ3 drum heads bring an overall controlled low-end rumble and focused attack which work perfectly in live performances as they don't distort under heavy hitting!

I've put the Evans Onyx heads on the Toms - The Onyx drum heads feature a frost coating which gives them a matte black appearance and increases low-end response and attack. The 7.5mil film also helps make these popular drum heads extra durable.

For my snare drum I went for an Evans Blue Hydraulic head - The Blue Hydraulic snare drum head has a two-ply design with a thin film of oil between the plies that eliminates unwanted overtones. The Evans Hydraulic drum heads have a classic sound, short in sustain and they feature two plies of thin film providing maximum durability along with a fat, deep and short sound... Very 1970's Rock!

Evans Level 360 Blue Hydraulic drum heads

These drum heads are just the tip of the Evans mountain of heads that they produce and that we have in stock at Newcastle Drum Centre! Call in anytime or give us a call at the shop on 0191 221030.

Alternatively you can shop on our cool website; Click here to see out MASSIVE range of Evans Drum Heads!

Danny Needham
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