Hire a Drum kit?

Mapex Hire Drum Kit From Newcastle Drum Centre.

Want a superb Kit for that special gig?... Are you putting an event on & need a top drum kit for your Day/Night/Weekend?... Then we have the perfect full set up for you!

We have a brand new Mapex Armory 6 Piece Rock Fusion Drum Kit in Arctic White complete with Chrome fittings available to hire from us. The configuration of this beauty is -

  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum (No Fitting)
  • 10" x 7" Tom
  • 12" x 8" Tom
  • 14" x 12" Floor Tom
  • 16" x 14" Floor Tom
  • 14" x 5.5" Tomahawk Snare Drum

The Mapex Armory drums are built to a premium standard featuring 6ply 7.2mm Birch/Maple/Birch Hybrid drum shells. We have chosen the Mapex Armory drum kit to be used as a hire set as it's perfect for any style of music and is an extremely versatile drum kit thanks to it's rock fusion configuration and popular sounds. This popular drum kit has a number of top-end features that are also found on Mapex's Saturn IV drum kits. With it's SONIClear Suspension System, the overall resonance is increased by preserving vibration in the drumheads and shell resulting in an overall better sound. This Mapex drum kit is a true performer and is perfect for live situations!


  • 6-ply 7.2mm Birch/Maple/Birch Hybrid Shells
  • SONIClear Bearing Edge
  • SONIClear Suspension System
  • Insulated Bass Drum Claws
  • SONIClear Floor Tom Feet
  • TH687S Tom Arm & AC910 Multi-way clamps  included

Along with the Mapex Armory series kit, we have a full set of Mapex Armory double braced hardware including 2 x boom cymbal stands, a Hi Hat stand, a snare drum stand, a Mapex Armory double bass drum pedal & a saddle style drum throne.

There is also a full set of stunning sounding cymbals. The Paiste cymbals are part of the PST7 Series and are made using CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary 2002 series. Featuring a bright, warm and brilliant sound with a medium wide range, these hand lathed cymbals are well suited to a wide variety of musical styles and situations, making them the perfect choice for hire cymbals. These cymbals also provide a giving, responsive feel which makes them ideally suited for a vast range of musical styles and applications. 

The Paiste PST7 cymbal set comprises of -

The whole kit & caboodle is fully cased up in protective soft cases.
Give us a call today to chat with us about hire costs & availability of this great drum kit.


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