Get around town with these compact kits

Small drum kits available from Newcastle Drum Centre.

Tired of humping big, heavy drums around? Whether you're looking to save space at those small club gigs, get in and out of the rehearsal room quicker, or get to your gig in a taxi (it's always nice to have a couple of beers!!), there are some great compact drum kits on the market. 

Ludwig Breakbeats Drum Kit


These drum kits feature 16" bass drums, which come with a riser that allows you to hit the middle of the bass drum head with your existing bass drum pedal. Tom sizes are usually 10" and 13", and the snare vary from 12" to 14". The Sakae Pac D is now also available as a 5 piece kit, by adding on an 8" tom! 

Sakae Pac D Drum Kit


Due to the popularity of these compact kits, Evans have now made a 16" version of their EMAD bass drum head, in both bass drum and floor tom models to suit 16" floor toms that have been converted for use as a bass drum. We tried one out in the shop, and they sound wicked! 

Gretsch Catalina Club Street Drum Kit

As well as being portable, these kits also make awesome practice kits if you're a bit stuck for space at home, and the smaller sizes make them an ideal drum kit for younger players!


PDP New Yorker Drum Kit

 Grab one of these little bad boys and spend more time playing your drums! 


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