Los Cabos Drumsticks are here!

Los Cabos are the "new kids on the block" (not like the cheesy 90's boy band) of the drumstick world. Since 2005, they've been getting out there and muscling in with some of the biggest stick companies around. We've just discovered them here at Newcastle Drum Centre, and we're impressed!
Loc Cabos White Hickory 5B Drumsticks
Their hickory drumsticks come in either White Hickory or Red Hickory, the white being the "standard" wood used for drumsticks taken from the outer material of the tree. The Red Hickory is taken from the middle of the tree trunk, and is much stronger to produce a longer lasting stick for heavy hitters!
 Los Cabos are also an environmentally conscious company, and by using the red hickory they use more of the plant, reducing waste. They also use the waste wood and shavings left over to heat their manufacturing facility (and it gets pretty cold in Canada, so I'm sure they use plenty of it up!) by burning it in a wood furnace. Nice to know!! 
Los Cabos Red Hickory 5A Drumsticks
They also have a range of maple drumsticks, perfect for softer use and players that prefer a lightweight stick. 
Available in most common stick sizes from 7A through to 2B, there's a stick for everyone! They even do them in yellow and pink (which a part of a "Think Pink" campaign, where Los Cabos donate a portion of their profits to breast cancer research). 
Los Cabos 5A Pink Drumsticks
You can learn more about Los Cabos at the Los Cabos Drumsticks web site.
Which ones are you gonna try?! 
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