A Hidden gem! Vintage Beverley Drum Kit!

When you think of classic vintage drums what springs to mind?... Ludwig... Buddy Rich...Gretsch...Slingerland...Ringo...Rogers...John Bonham...Black Beauty...Gold sparkle...Camco...Blue oyster pearl...Premier....... The list could go on and on really. 

It seems like everyone wants a piece of Vintage action these Days. Todays Drum makers seem to be bringing out 'Retro' or more traditional looking kits. With the likes of top bespoke kits like Craviotto Drums and Q Drums over in the USA designing and creating stunning classic looking kits.

Genuine 60's or 70's Drum kits are getting more and more desirable with their value soaring in price in recent Years. During the period of the 1930's until the 1980's British drums kits Beverley were a popular kit in this period. Created and manufactured in a Town in North East Yorkshire called Beverley (suprise suprise!) by Deans & Son until the Beverley brand was bought out by British Drum Company Premier in 1958. 

We happen to have a stunning 1974 Beverley 13"x8" Tom 16"x14" Floor Tom & 22"x14" Bass Drum in Blue swirl. This kit sounds great and at the ripe age of 41, She is in really good nick! The kit features the old style slotted tuning tension rods (you can actually tune the toms up using a 10p piece!) and is fitted with Remo pinstripe clear heads on the Toms and a coated pinstripe on the Bass drum. 

I love this kit & will probably shed a tear when she goes.. And with a bargain price of only £295 This classic piece of British Drum history will not be here for long! Check this little beauty out -


Vintage Beverly drum kit at NDC

Vintage Beverly drum kit

Beverly blue vintage drum kit at Newcastle Drum Centre


Give us a call for more info on the little Vintage treasure on 0191 2210301 Or click on the link to view the kit on our website - https://www.newcastledrum.co.uk/search?q=pinstripe+coated 


Thank you for reading!




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  • For all the Beverley drum fans …My father was managing director of Beverley drums/Premier.he was so passionate about the kit he designed and marketed …he thought they were better the the main Brand Premier.

    Stu williamson
  • Buenas:sto cercando d individuare la premier che usava Micth Micthell con gi experience…. Ho cercato delle foto e il logo mi è sembrato della Beverly. In effetti nei cataloghi premier non appare il nome di Micth. Potete inviarmi notizie,in merito? Grazie saluti

    Giovannimaria Sottocasa
  • I bought a Beverley panama 21 kit back in 1969 & still use it today when my Pearl masters kit is too big for the venue. Fantastic drums!

    Alan Jones

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