I'm DREAM-in' of a white Christmas!



As we are all getting geared up for Christmas, I thought I'd write a few lines to tell you about these wicked Cymbals by Dream that should get even the biggest 'Bah humbuggers' wanting to write to Father Christmas!!


Dream Cymbals are very much 'the new kid on the block' If you think of how long the likes of Zildjian Paiste Ufip and Sabian have been around. Formed in 2005 Dream Cymbals are now spreading their wings with more and more drummers discovering their awesome sounds. Dream have Cymbals and sounds to suit all genres and styles of Music at very affordable prices. 



Come down to Newcastle Drum Centre and see for yourself how good these Dream Cymbals are. Or go to our site to check out all of the different Dream Cymbals that are available www.newcastledrum.co.uk 


Thanks for reading, And all the best for Christmas and hope you have a Rockin' 2016!



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