New Year, New Drums... NATAL are here 2017!!

Natal Drums Hit Newcastle Drum Centre!

This stunning Limited Edition NATAL 'The Originals' 4-Piece Maple Shell Pack arrived in our shop, just in time for the New Year...

NATAL Drums @ Newcastle Drum Centre

This is the Maple Series US Fusion X in Limited Edition Split Lacquer Black/Blue Sparkle!

Rack Tom: 10"x6.5"     Rack Tom: 12"x7"       Floor Tom: 16"x14"       Kick Drum: 22"x18"

The shallow toms give extra attack, flexible positioning and an AWESOME look. 

These Maple shells are 7ply, giving the short stack toms the lower-mid range boost they need. NATAL Maple Series drums offer a wide range of size options in both width and depth, also available for purchase individually to expand your kit.

NATAL Drums @ Newcastle Drum Centre

17 outstanding high gloss lacquer and sparkle finishes are available, just like this Limited Edition Black and Blue Sparkle with Brushed Nickel hardware... Guaranteed to make the other drummers jealous when you pull this out your bags!

For more NATAL drums, check out the Natal website or give us a call for more information!

Be sure to come and check this kit out, it won't be in stock for long!

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