Ahead Armor Drum and Cymbal Cases

Combining style with functionality, Ahead's "Armor" range of cases will keep your gear safe on the move whilst allowing you to look cooler than a polar bear eating an ice cream while you do it. 
Here's a few reasons why I love them so........
Firstly, they work! It's always a concern when going for soft cases that they aren't going to provide as much protection as hard cases. I've been using Ahead Armor cases now for a good few years, and they've never let me down! Of course, if you throw your drums off a roof or run over them in the van, they're probably not going to help you much, but for getting your drums from gig to gig and storing them nice and safely in-between, these cases are the cats pyjamas! 
Ahead Armor Drum Cases
Secondly, it's really easy to get your drums in and out of them. That might seem like a trivial matter, but if you've ever had cases that you have to "wriggle" your drum in and out of, then lend a hand from your singer to get the bass drum in properly, then you'll probably appreciate this. So will your singer. They hate having to help.  
   Ahead Armor cases have a zip (they call this zip the DynaZip, they really can make anything sound cool) that opens all the way down the spine of the case. This allows you to pop your drum in effortlessly, and when it's 1am on a Saturday morning and you've just done 2 sets in a the hottest club in town (by that, I mean they left that radiator on right behind your kit all night), every second counts so you can get out of there!
   The "tear-drop" shape of the cases also make them universally fitting with all kinds of tom mounts and other fittings, so your drums will fit snug as a bug in the Sherpa fleece lining and high impact foam that make up the "DX-Core" construction. 
Ahead Armor Cymbal Ruck Sack
They make cases for everything. Drums, cymbals (including the particularly awesome ruck sack case, pictured above), hardware (including the particularly awesome "Ogio" sleds, pictured below), kick pedals, thrones, stick bags, and percussion (bongos, djembes, cajons etc etc). 
Ahead Armor Ogio Hardware Sled
Finally, they look cool! When have cases ever looked cool?! They are usually the "necessary evil" that no one really wants to spend money on, but can't get very far with out them. For me at least, I want to carry everything around in these things. If they made a "bag for life" for doing the big shop with, I'd happily buy one and never have to spend 5p on a plastic bag ever again.
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