The Newly Designed Yamaha Recording Custom!

Yamaha 9000 Series is back!

Yamaha have just released some exciting news regarding the well-loved Recording Custom drums. Legendary drummer, Steve Gadd has spent the last 3 years meeting with Yamaha's research and development guys to develop an up to date version of the popular Recording Custom drum kits and now they're ready!

The new Recording Custom drums are due to be released early 2016 and we seriously can't wait! Featuring all-birch drum shells, the original Yamaha 9000 series Recording Custom drum kits became the industry standard in 1975 and are known as the most recorded drums in history.

Steve Gadd explained;

'For the past 3 years I have been meeting with the research and development guys at Yamaha with the aim of bringing the Recording Custom Series up to date. I told Yamaha what I thought throughout the process. The result is that everything is a step up, yet they still feel like the Recording Custom. I think we did a great job, the drums sound great and am excited to see them unveiled so people can see and importantly hear them.' 

 Keep tuned to find out more!

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