Get big fat snare sounds with the Big Fat Snare Drum pad!!!

We've all tried the usual tricks when trying to dampen the snare drum, searching for that low pitched, beefy vintage sound. Gaffer tape, gels, wallets, your Mam's tea towels and often anything that happens to be lying on the floor next to your kit. Thanks to the BIG FAT SNARE DRUM PAD, things just got much easier.

 Big Fat Snare Drum Pad


The BIG FAT SNARE DRUM PAD (sorry, I can't help but shout that in an American accent, like some kind of infomercial) allows you to quickly alter the sound of your snare drum, by simply lying it on top of the existing batter head. Perfect for changing your snare drum sound mid-set, without changing your snare drum! 

The BIG FAT SNARE DRUM PAD is available in 3 different versions. The "Original", which covers the entire drum head for maximum fatness; "The Donut", which has a hole in the centre (as you probably guessed), and "The Snare-Bourine", fitted with tambourine jingles! There's also "The Snare-Bourine Donut", giving you all the options you need!


Big Fat Snare Drum Snare-Bourine

Available in both 13" and 14" sizes, the BIG FAT SNARE DRUM PAD is the perfect solution for drummers looking for that vintage, beefy snare sound without the fuss! 

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