Want to know some fun facts about Natal?

In the spirit of us getting lots of new Natal products here at Newcastle Drum Centre, I thought it would be a fun idea to do a blog about the creation of the brand...

Natal first came around in 1958; the founder being British percussionist, Alan Sharp. Sharp was unable to find instruments that were right for him which lead him to the life changing decision of build his own percussion instruments. He focused on Afro-Cuban bongos and because of the high quality of them, percussionists began to request one for themselves. In 1965, Alan Sharp officially created his brand, calling it Natal Percussion Company.

One of Natal most popular products was the Fibreglass Congas. These worldwide known percussion instruments were featured in famous set ups including The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.

Natal drums and percussion are designed in the UK. The Natal team are super hands on, making sure that every product is built with extreme care and attention to bring fantastic, high quality musical instruments to musicians.

The founder of  Natal decided on the name by merging his and his wife's name, Natalie, together; Natalie Alan. Pretty interesting and creative, am I right?!

We now have lots of NEW Natal products on the Newcastle Drum Centre website and we're all super excited about it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog all about Natal!

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  • Hi, I bought my white over red congas in 1977 from Rose Morris in Shaftesbury Ave, London
    I often spent time when I could talking with Allan, a truly loverly man,
    When my skins would break he would rush post new ones to me wherever the world I was.
    In the end I fitted bull hide skins and they still sound marvellous
    Bless Allan one love always. X

    Yuseph Islam

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