Pork Pie Hits Newcastle Drum Centre

We've recently had some Pork Pie stuff come into Newcastle Drum Centre and we're all super excited about it!

We now have the very well known and popular Hip Pig drum kit. The Pork Pie 4-Piece Hip Pig shell pack has the coolest Red Gold Duco finish! The 8-ply mahogany drum shells produce a warm sound that is complimented by smooth mids. The fantastic sound blends well with many types of music styles. This drum kit has some really cool features including the vintage beavertail lugs and 2.3mm hoops.

The Pork Pie drum thrones have high density foam seats that reduce fatigue. If you practice all day long then this throne will keep you nice and comfortable; they are also great for your posture! You will never get a bad back again and we all know how tiring it is to play show after show with an uncomfortable throne. Each drum throne is complete with double braced legs that are super heavy duty and sturdy... perfect for all drummers!

The Pork Pie Big Boy Star 'Bumblebee' drum throne is definitely my favourite! The black sides and yellow stars look so fantastic together... how could you not love this drum throne?! The perfect addition to ANY drum kit for sure!

The Pork Pie Deuce Black and Red 'Darth' drum throne has 1" of memory foam on top of the high density foam for extra comfort and support. The Deuce is a popular throne from Pork Pie and it really is no wonder as to why. Complete with a red and black sparkle finish that looks absolutely amazing on stage!

Last but most definitely not least is the Pork Pie 'Mustard' Sparkle drum throne. The round seat is complete with a yellow sparkle finish that is complimented by the black velvet top. Just like the other two Pork Pie throne's, this drum stool has double braced legs that are the sturdiest you can find.

Pork Pie Drums

Thanks for reading :) for more Newcastle Drum Centre updates follow us on Twitter @newcastledrum

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