Christmas Gift Guide 2017

We all know that dreaded feeling of Christmas getting closer and closer, and still not having a clue what to buy your loved ones. Well, fear not! We've compiled a list of some of our most wanted drumming products, perfect for christmas gifts. Take a browse through and I'm sure something will catch your eye.


Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Cymbal Box Set

Istanbul Mehmet have produced a handmade, high quality cymbal set, made up from genuine Turkish cymbals that are used all over the world by professional players. These traditional cymbals offer a wide variety of phenomenal sounds that fit perfectly in many music styles. The cymbals are full lathed and are dark, responsive, controllable and musical all in one. The three cymbals included in this set are; a pair of medium hi-hats, a medium crash cymbal and a medium ride cymbal. 

Istanbul Mehmet, Traditional Cymbals, Cymbal Box Set, Turkish Cymbals, Medium Hi Hat, Medium Crash Cymbal, Medium Ride Cymbal

RAW Drum CO Bold Rock Out Practice Pad

From gig to gig and venue to venue, the RAW Practice Pad is perfect for warming up or catching some last minute practice. It features a slick design, so it fits easily into most stick bags. 

RAWDRUMCO, Practice Pad, Slick Design, Raw Drum

Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Kit

The Strike Pro Drum Kit from Alesis offers the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums. If you're looking to move beyond the limitations of your acoustic drum kit, then this kit is perfect. The kit is fitted with large dual-hoop pads, mesh heads and sensitivity adjustment knobs. There's no doubt that this kit is one of the most advanced electronic drum kits that available on the market. 

Strike Pro, Alesis, Electronic Drum Kit

RAW Drum Co 'Steve McQueen' Stripe Top Black Drum Throne

The RAW Steve McQueen drum throne features a motorcycle seat for ultimate comfort, paired with the double braced quad base, the throne remains incredibly durable and stable. The height is also easily adjusted with the spindle adjustment and secured into place with the heavy wing nut.

Raw Drum, Throne, Steve McQueen, Stripe Top
A fresh, new-look range of merchandise has come to Newcastle Drum Centre and in celebration of that, we've chosen our favourite piece of merch to show off! 
Sweatshirt, Drum Clothing, Merchandise, Drums till aye die
Inspired by the Japanese God of Thunder, we give you the Yamaha Rydeen. A powerhouse 5-piece acoustic kit that is overflowing with qualities and will suit a wide range of drummers. It's designed with beginners in mind, this kit is beyond what is expected on an entry level kit, with Yamaha's 50 years of Professional Drum Making experience channelled into it, this kit is anything but basic. If you are looking for a dependable, durable kit, then you can't look past the Rydeen. 
Rydeen, Yamaha, Blue, Beginner Drum Kit, Acoustic Drum Kit, Drum Kit
An extremely popular electronic drum kit which is one of the most popular electronic drum kits on the market. It's crafted with quality and durability at it's core, perfect for beginner or expert drummers that are looking for an incredible electronic drum kit with every feature rolled into one. 
Carlsbro, CDS200, Electronic Drum Kit
These lightweight headphones have a comfortable over-ear design which don't lose their comfort over long periods of time. They produce studio quality sound and give you the ability to customise the sound with the Felt Treble Filter. The headphones also feature incredible high quality sound isolation, perfect if you want to lose yourself in your music or if you just want to drown out the noise on your morning commute. 
Marshall Headphones, Headphones, High Quality, Marshall, Black Headphones
The Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Drum Module and Sensor is a fantastic addition to your acoustic drum kit that is a fast and efficient way to add effects to your drumming sound, with 50 preset scenes, 200 user scenes and 11 reverb effects. The EAD10 is a fantastic addition to your drumming essentials.
Electronic Drum Module, EAD10, Yamaha, Drum Accessories, Drum Module, Sensor
The P-2050C is part of the all new, feature packed redline hardware series from Pearl. The single bass drum pedal is based on the original PowerShifter Eliminator pedal but basically, it's better! The pedal is often described as having 'four pedals in one' due to it's extensive components and interchangeable features. It offers extraordinary power as well as ultimate speed.
Pearl, Bass Drum Pedal, Redline Series, Pearl Redline, P-2050C
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