Dream bliss series

Sound of absolute bliss.

Hello from NDC I would like to introduce myself, my name is Dylan King a new addition to the sales team over here at Newcastle drum centre. Just to give an insight on my personal preference as far as cymbals go I will always be a die hard dream fan. As a 16 year old my cymbal budget is very limited. However my budget was very limited I still managed to spend within my budget but acquire fantastic quality in the bliss series.

The first time I played my bliss series cymbals I was first of all majorly impressed with the diversity of the 20inch ride providing a very washy sticky sound. But then providing a gorgeous clear-cut sound on the bell of the cymbal.

As well as being overwhelmed at the quality of the bliss series I was also astounded at the price I had paid. Of course I was expecting quality from the cymbals but never would I of expected for it to exceed my expectations this much. Another positive factor from these cymbals personally is the fantastic look that they have.

My personal preference as far as the appearance of cymbals go, is the hand hammered look. When the looking at the beautiful hand hammered look of this cymbal its just a little reminder of the love and individual quality that’s been rendered into this cymbal.

Here in newcastle drum centre we have a full range of bliss series cymbals come down and have a look for yourself!

Keep rocking.

Dylan King.


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