The Drummer Spotlight: February

Michael Bivona

The 'Drummer Spotlight' provides a platform for us to feature drumming talents from around the world, we have the chance to discover some of the very best drumming talents and can gain an insight into the drummer’s achievements, their drumming style and advice they’d like to pass onto fellow drummers. More than anything this is a chance for one drummer every month to shine. 

This month’s ‘Drummer Spotlight’ has been placed on Michael Bivona, Michael has loved drums ever since he could walk and has always dreamed of playing drums for a living, something he is proud to say is starting to become a reality. From the age of around 2/3 years old, Michael was playing on pots and pans with wooden spoons and looking back it sounds like this was definitely the start of an exciting drumming career.

Drums, Black and White, Drummer, Drumsticks, Zildjian Cymbals

Michael describes his drumming style as "very open, but with a focus on mostly pop punk", Michael has recently been doing session work for metal bands and singer/songwriters so is open to many different styles of drumming. 

Michael is currently working on getting ready to release a debut EP with his band, Better Days. The band worked on this song with Phil Gornell at Steel City Studios in Sheffield, so make sure to keep an eye out for that EP which will be landing soon! We've got to say we're super impressed with Michael and his band Better Days, they have built a strong and steady following and have some exciting gigs coming up which are definitely worth checking out! Michael confessed that his dream gig would be to headline the O2 Main Stage to a sold out crowd and at the rate Michael and his band Better Days are growing, we're confident that this dream may well become a reality one day!

Michael kindly shared his proudest drumming moments with us and they really do echo the fact that persistence and perseverance is key to becoming a successful drummer. Check out Michael's proudest drumming moments below: 

"Headlining the Riverside, a local venue in Newcastle and then we have a tour coming up with The Bottom Line which I know will also be up there as one of my proudest drumming moments!"

Band, Drummer, Photoshoot, The Bottom Line, Better Days, Merchandise

We asked Michael what advice he would give new drummers and here's what he had to say:

"Make sure you have your own style, adapt to genres but make them your own. Practice as much as you physically can, professionals aren't made over night!"

One of the things we are keen to know from our Drummer Spotlight drummers is what their drumming goals are for the next year. Michael's drumming goals are concise and from what we've learnt so far, really achievable; to tour as much as possible and to play in Europe.

Better Days, Live Band, Drummer, Drumsticks, Zildjian Cymbals, K Custom Cymbals

We asked Michael what his favourite product available on the Newcastle Drum Centre website was and he chose Zildjian Cymbals - with so many fantastic Zildjian Cymbals to choose from we've given you one of our favourites below!


Zildjian 18" K Crash/Ride Cymbal

If you've enjoyed reading this months Drummer Spotlight and want to learn more about Michael, check him out on social media, using any of the following:
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Credit to Beardsley photos &  Tom Pullen Photography for images used in the blog, make sure to check out their work. 

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