The Drummer Spotlight: January

Kate Kuziakina

Newcastle Drum Centre's 'Drummer Spotlight’ is a chance for us to feature some of the very best drumming talents around the world, the chance for us to gain an insight into the drummer’s achievements, their drumming style and advice they’d like to pass onto fellow drummers. More than anything this is a chance for one drummer every month to shine. 

This month’s ‘Drummer Spotlight’ has been placed on Kate Kuziakina, Kate is a nine-year old drummer from Ukraine, she started playing drums in 2014 when she was just six years old. Kate is self taught and has accumulated an impressive collection of awards, winning Grand Prix's in the USA and Spain, as well as placing first in Finland's International Festival "Christmas Star". You can see a full list of Kate's awards and achievements on her website.  

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Valerie (Kate's sister) helps Kate to run her YouTube and social media channels where she features over fifty drum covers of rock, heavy metal and pop songs. Alongside her YouTube channel, she has also performed as a drummer with a variety of bands, such as; Mad Heads, Vopli Vidopliassova, Tabula Rasa and Viktor Pavlik. 

Kate kindly shared some of her proudest drumming moments with us and they really do echo her determination, if Kate can achieve such moments at just 9 years old then there's no reason the rest of us can't! Check out some of Kate's proudest drumming moments below: 

"In May 2016 I participated in the concert of 'Studio Kvartal 95' on the festival 'Veselo 2016' which was held in Greece. I played as a drummer on the performance of the rock band 'Vopli Vidoplyassova' led by Oleg Skrypka. Together we performed their song 'Dances'. At the end of the song I had a small solo. The concert was shown on the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1."

Kate describes her drumming style as "impressive and artistic" and if she had to categorise her drumming she would categorise it as rock girl drumming. We've got to say we're beyond impressed with Kate, her passion and enthusiasm really does shine through, beyond that her drive for drumming is glaringly obvious and this is the reason she's achieved so much by the age of just 9 years old! Kate is currently working on learning a song that will be used in an advertising video which will be filmed in the UK and her dream gigs would be to play alongside Queen, RHCP and The Offspring.

We asked Kate what advice she would give new drummers and here's what she had to say, 

"Practice, practice, and practice! Sleep with your drumsticks instead of teddy bear and your snare drum instead of your pillow."

Snare Drum, Drum Sticks, Girl, Drumming

One of the things we are keen to know from our Drummer Spotlight drummers is what their drumming goals are for the next year. So here are Kate's top three drumming goals: 

  • Participation in the Hit Like A Girl contest
  • Start taking an advanced drumming course (I'm self-taught)
  • Create 50+ cool drum covers and original compositions to add to my YouTube Channel

We asked Kate what her favourite product available on the Newcastle Drum Centre website was and she picked out the Natal Arcadia 13" x 6.5" Snare Drum in Clear Acrylic - an exclusive limited edition snare drum which is just beautiful so we can totally see why this would be Kate's choice! 


If you've enjoyed reading this months Drummer Spotlight and want to learn more about Kate, check her out on social media, using any of the following:
Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  YouTube
Do you want to get involved in our monthly Drummer Spotlight? Click here to apply and you could be in the spotlight next month!
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