Ludwig Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal LAC14FP

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Ludwig Atlas Classic Single Bass Drum Pedal

Not only a very attractive bass drum pedal with a retro classic look but this Ludwig Altas Classic single bass drum pedal has everything you would ever need and more from an affordable and durable bass drum pedal. It is light, it is sturdy and it is adjustable to your drumming needs. It even comes with two separate drive belts. Use the double chain belt or the very durable nylon belt.


  • Lightweight Aluminum cam and beater clamp
  • Comes standard with two Drive Belt
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Tri-Felt 'Red Stripe’ Beater
  • Stainless-Steel Drive Shaft
  • Monarch dual-chain Drive Cam
  • Bearing-Pivotal Spring Adjustment
  • SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors
  • Maintenance-Free Bronze Sleeve Bearings
  • Modern-Classic Footboard with Removable Toe Stop
  • Multi-Positioning Hoop Clamp
  • Wire Frame Base
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