Natal Arcadia The '65 Jazz Shell Pack in White Oyster (Includes Cowbell & Evans Drum Heads)

Product image 1Natal Arcadia The '65 Jazz Shell Pack in White Oyster (Includes Cowbell & Evans Drum Heads)
Product image 2Evans drum heads

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Natal 65 Premium White Oyster Drum Kit.

A new addition to the popular Arcadia range, the Natal 65 drum kit has been developed to celebrate Natal's birth in the 1960's here in England... Born in '65.

Smaller drum kits have been in popular demand lately and for many reasons. A more compact drum kit allows for ease of transporting, makes a great companion for jazz, hip hop gigs and, of course, is ideal for the smaller drummers among us (including myself!)

This Natal drum kit comes in a jazz configuration of 18" x 14" bass drum, 12" x 8" tom and 14" x 12" floor tom, we've even thrown in a free cowbell for good measure! This limited edition drum kit has been pimped out with a premium wrap finish which is usually only found on USA, high priced, professional drum kits. There are three finishes available, all of which look amazing, but as you know, it's not all about the look... What about the sound?! Well I can tell you first hand that these Natal Arcadia special edition drums can really pack a punch despite their compact sizes! The birch shells come fitted with Evans Level 360 G2 clear drum heads and a Evans EMAD on the bass drum to enhance that all important punchy sound! The Evans G2 heads feature a twin ply, giving your toms extra depth, yet still retaining resonance.


  • Fitted with Evans 360 Drum Heads
  • 18" EMAD Bass Drum Head
  • Double Tom Holder Included
  • FREE Cowbell Included
  • Limited Edition
  • Natal '65 Display Head
  • Natal Sun Lugs
  • Chrome Drum Fittings
  • Premium Wrap Finish

Drum Kit Configuration:

  • 18" x 14" Bass Drum
  • 12" x 8" Tom
  • 14" x 12" Floor Tom
  • 1 X Tom Holder

Please note - snare drum, hardware and cymbals are not included but are available upon request.

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