(Remo tom/floor tom heads)

Remo 16" vintage-a ambassador coated tom/floor tom head


Remo 16" Vintage-A Ambassador coated Tom/ Floor Tom head

Remo Vintage A head changed the world in 1957! Made up of 2-ply 7.5- and 3-mil polyester film, this epic drumhead altered the art of drumming around the world as the first successful alternative choice to traditional calf heads. Vintage “A” Drumheads replicate features of the standard Ambassador coated's with supreme durability and a unique soft feel reminiscent of calf heads with accentuated snare response ideal for back beats, ghost notes, brushes and press rolls.


The day the drum kit started to grow rapidly as a popular musical instrument was the day that day Ringo Starr appeared with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. That day, drum kits took of with a boom and as a result so did Remo Drumheads.


  • VA-0116-00


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Remo 16" Vintage-A Ambassador Coated Tom/Floor Tom head