Ahead 7a drumsticks

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Ahead 7A Drumsticks

Ahead drumsticks are great quality, durable sticks that provide many benefits your typical wooden sticks don't. These sticks are made with a precision alloy core which enables the player to generate more power whilst exerting less effort and abstain from 50% less shock than wooden sticks. This allows the sticks to typically last 6 to 10 times longer than their standard wooden contemporaries. As a result of this they have been proven to cause less damage to cymbals due to their superior shock absorption. Ahead drumsticks are the only sticks on the market today that come with a 60 day warranty. For the 7A player who wants more durability and consistency!


  • Weight = 49 grams
  • Length = 15.69”
  • Diameter = .540
  • Medium Taper


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Ahead 7A Drumsticks