Alpine Plug & Go Foam Ear Plugs (5 Pairs)

Product image 1Alpine Plug & Go Foam Ear Plugs (5 Pairs), Alpine, Ear Protection, Blister Pack
Product image 2Alpine Plug & Go Foam Ear Plugs (5 Pairs), Alpine, Ear Protection, Blister Pack

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AlpineåÊPlug & Go Ear Protection

The Alpine Plug & Go Foam Ear Plugs are a blister pack of 5 pairs of ear plugs, these are ideal ear plugs to use once and then throw away, ideal if you are touring or gigging and want the ease of throwing your ear plugs away after every gig, they are also a perfect drumming essential to throw in your bag as a back up or a spare pair so you know your ear protection is always sorted, wherever you are. A handy travel box is included when you purchase Alpine Plug & Go, meaning your earplugs are protected and kept in a hygienic case which is handy to carry with you as it has a key chain which can be attached to your keys, your belt hook or even onto your drum bag or case.

Plug & Go are made of a very soft foam material this makes these earplugs perfect for several different uses from sleeping to studying, attending concerts to playing live music. We can totally understand the appeal ofåÊthese ear plugs; inexpensive, disposable and protective for your ear health, a perfect addition to your drumming essentials for sure. One key thing to remember with the Alpine Plug & Go Ear Plugs is that at most they can be used a couple of times, long term use of the same foam earplugs is likely to cause problems with your ears, such as ear infections. These plugs are designed to be used and then disposed of.


  • Alpine Foam Ear Plugs
  • Disposable Ear Plugs
  • User-Friendly
  • Bight Blue
  • Fits any Ear
  • Extremely High Muffling
  • 5 Pairs (10 Ear Plugs)
  • Includes Storage Box


  • EAR002
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