(Marching bass drums)

Andante 24" x 14" marching bass drum


Andante 24" x 14" Marching Bass Drum

This Bass Drum from Andante features four lightweight alloy extrusions retaining a non-porous acrylic or wooden shell which makes the drum extremely light and easy to carry. Also, this bass drum comes fitted with 14 tension screws on each head that allow to achieve even tension throughout the entire surface of the head. Another feature of this bass drum is the  carrying hook which is firmly fixed to the two alloy retaining rings and gives a choice of single or double carrying points. Also, the dismantling, reassembling and adjustments require a 5mm T-key.


  • Lightweight alloy extrusions
  • 14 tension screws for even tension throughout the head
  • Carrying hook
  • 5mm T-key needed for dismantling, reassembling and adjustments


  • 24" x 14"


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Andante 24" x 14" Marching Bass Drum