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Bucara djembe drumming kit - for 10 players


Bucara Djembe Drumming Kit

This Kit is great for schools, the Djemebe is normally the only instrument people are familiar with in the African percussion world so this kit is perfect for making traditional African sounds and learning about all the different instruments in the African percussion world. This kit is also brilliant for starting your own African band it has the perfect practicing essentials to get you started. The drum skins may vary in colour, the brand of Djembes supplied will be Kambala or Bucara, depending on availability.


  • 2 x Small Djembe 9"
  • 2 x Medium Djembe 11"
  • 2 x Medium Ghana Bell
  • 2 x Shekere Small - 5"
  • 2 x Caxixi Basket Shaker
  • 1 x The Djembe Guide & CD - I. Thornber




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Bucara Djembe Drumming Kit - for 10 players