Dg de gregorio chincha cajon


DG De Gregorio Chincha Cajon

This De Gregorio Chincha Cajon is made in traditional Peruvian style and honors the Peruvian roots of the cajon as it has no snare. This style of Cajon is steeped in ancestry and is made from 100% FSC certified birch plywood. In order to keep the Cajon in great aesthetic shape for years to come the instrument is coated with an environmentally friendly water-based scratch resistant coating


  • Dimensions = 50 x 34 x 30 Centimetres
  • Sides = 12 mm in 9 Plies Of Baltic Birch 
  • Front Panel = 3.5 mm in 3 Plies Of Baltic Birch
  • Back Panel = 6 mm in 5 Plies Of Baltic Birch


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DG De Gregorio Chincha Cajon