Dg de gregorio maestral cajon - massakar


DG De Gregorio Maestral Cajon - Massakar

The De Gregorio Maestral Cajon is the worlds first truly tuneable cajon and really is revolutionary. Rather than using simple wood-screws to affix the front-plate to the body, the Maestral system uses 18 stainless-steel hex-bolts which screw into threaded brass inserts. No matter how hard you play the cajon, the tension will remain the same due to the top 7 bolts having counter-nuts. This magnificent is so diverse as it allows you to easily change front-plates in under 10 minutes to find the sound you desire and even amend the aesthetics by adding a custom printed front plates. Due to its outstanding tone and versatility the Maestral has already developed a devoted following in the world of percussion with world renowned artists using the Cajon. The body of the Maestral is made from first quality birch plywood and comes as standard with two interchangeable birch front-plates: one 2 mm and the other 2.5 mm to customise and diversify your tone. The snare-system features two independently adjustable steel-core strings, along with 6 Velloc overtone control strips.


  • Dimensions = 29 x 30 x 48 Centimetres
  • Sides = 12 mm in 9 Plies Of Baltic Birch 
  • Front Panel = 2 mm in First Quality KoskiPly Birch Plywood And Alpi Venneer
  • Back Panel = 6 mm in First Quality Birch Plywood With Sound Hole Reinforcement
  • Extra Panel = 2.5 mm in First Quality KoskiPly Birch Plywood And Alpi Venneer


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DG De Gregorio Maestral Cajon - Massakar