(Dream splash cymbals)

Dream bliss series 12" splash cymbal

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The Dream Bliss Series 12” Splash Cymbal.

The Dream Bliss Series 12" Splash Cymbals are manufactured using ancient traditions. Each one of these cymbals is hand forged and hammered in order to give them an awesome and unique sound. The Bliss cymbals range from Dream are very durable but slightly soft on the stick delivering the warm undertones with richness and a dark edge you're looking for.


  • Surface: micro lathed by hand
  • Bow: low gentle bridge
  • Bell: small, articulate, clear
  • Weight: thin tapers at edge
  • Hammering: hand hammered before and after lathing
  • Stick: woody round attack
  • Wash: lots of full spectrum wash, quick decay
  • DCBSP12


  • 12”


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Dream Bliss Series 12" Splash Cymbal