(Dream gong cymbals)

Dream chau gong series 20" black dot gong

£228.00 £258.00

The Dream Chau Gong Series 20” Black Dot Gong.

Dream Chau Gong Series 20" Black Dot Gong can be described as at least impressive. They feature a black central dot which makes the gong stand out as well as being a form of a target for where it's best to be hit in order to get the best sound. The sound of the this stunning gong is simply awesome, the brassy hurricane-like roar just fills your ears with resonance, and the best part is that this gong has a brilliant price.


  • Surface: Part unfinished part lathed
  • Bow: Turned edge
  • Bell: N/A
  • Weight: Various
  • Hammering: Hand hammered
  • Stick: Mallet (supplied)
  • Wash: Low build up


  • DCCHAU20


  • 20”


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Dream Chau Gong Series 20" Black Dot Gong