(Dream gong cymbals)

Dream chau gong series 32" black dot gong


The Dream Chau Gong Series 32” Black Dot Gong.

Dream Chau Gong Series 32" Black Dot Gong can be described as at least impressive. They feature a black central dot which makes the gong stand out as well as being a form of a target for where it's best to be hit in order to get the best sound. The sound of the this stunning gong is simply awesome, the brassy hurricane-like roar just fills your ears with resonance, and the best part is that this gong has a brilliant price.


  • Surface: Part unfinished part lathed
  • Bow: Turned edge
  • Bell: N/A
  • Weight: Various
  • Hammering: Hand hammered
  • Stick: Mallet (supplied)
  • Wash: Low build up


  • DCCHAU32


  • 32”


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Dream Chau Gong Series 32" Black Dot Gong