(Dream ride cymbals)

Dream contact series 18" ride cymbal


The Dream Contact Series 18” Ride Cymbal.

The Dream Contact Series 18" Ride Cymbal feature a high pitch and a brighter stick response. Similar to the Bliss series, they are completely hand hammered and shaped in order to give them a unique feel. These amazing cymbals deliver a classic sound and are very versatile which means they fit well into any playing situation and style.


  • Surface: wide deep lathing by hand
  • Bow: medium taper
  • Bell: larger, articulate, clear
  • Weight: medium to medium thin, very fast but solid response
  • Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
  • Stick: very crisp and fast
  • Wash: higher pitch, medium long decay


  • DDRI18


  • 18”


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Dream Contact Series 18" Ride Cymbal