(Dream crash cymbals)

Dream energy series 18" crash cymbal


The Dream Energy Series 18” Crash Cymbal.

The Dream Energy series 18" Crash Cymbals are loud, vibrant and sound totally awesome, they have a perfect balance between sustain and decay. The Energy series cymbals are meant to be heard, even in the loudest situations. These impressive cymbals feature more volume, higher pitch and a penetrating quality. Also, they are ideal for any playing situation, whether you are practicing or playing live, these amazing cymbals won't let you down.


  • Surface: top hat micro lathed, bottom hat unlathed
  • Bow: medium taper, gradual bridge
  • Bell: broad, loud, unlathed
  • Weight: medium to heavy
  • Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
  • Stick: very clear, cutting projection
  • Wash: extreme power, broad dynamic range, full bodied




  • 18”


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Dream Energy Series 18" Crash Cymbal