(Dream china cymbals)

Dream lion series 18" china cymbal

£109.00 £123.00

The Dream Lion Series 18” China Cymbal.

Dream Lion Series 18" China Cymbals are a fiery burst of energy, they deliver a strong, raw attack and a very rapid decay. Also, they have a magnificent presence about them, dark, trash and superb under-tones which makes them a wonderful cymbal, at a great price, that would look and sound great with any drum kit out there.


  • Surface: micro lathed by hand
  • Bow: low profile
  • Bell: traditional Chinese style large bell
  • Weight: various
  • Hammering: hand hammered
  • Stick: explosive
  • Wash: very quick decay


  • DCCH18


  • 18”


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Dream Lion Series 18" China Cymbal