(Evans tom/floor tom heads)

Evans ec2 clear drum head, 16"

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Evans EC2 Clear 16" Drum Head- TT16EC2S.

The EC2 two-ply clear drum head from Evans features the well-known Edge Control Technology which provides a pre-EQ'd sound and a variable damping technique that guarantees optimized performance for each individually sized drum head. The Evans EC2 series drum heads come fitted with two plies of 7mil film with optimized attack, tone, length of sustain and ease of tuning for each size drum head head. The EC2 Drum Head also features the  Sound Shaping Technology (SST) Edge Control ring mounted on the underside which provides an extremely well balanced and pre-EQ'd sound across the full kit by varying the size of the ring for each different head size.


  • 16"


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Evans EC2 Clear Drum Head, 16"