(Evans drum head packs)

Evans g14 clear fusion tompack (10" ,12", 14")


Evans G14 Clear Fusion Tompack- ETP-G14CLR-F.

The G14 series drum heads from Evans are the loudest, most durable single-ply drum heads on the market. These drum heads are made using premium quality film that is 14mil thick instead of the industry standard 10mil. Also, the Evans' G14 delivers extreme durability without losing the strong dynamic response of a single-ply drumhead.

This tom pack includes:

  • 1x 10" G14 Clear Drum Head
  • 1x 12" G14 Clear Drum Head
  • 1x 14" G14 Clear Drum Head






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    Evans G14 Clear Fusion Tompack (10" ,12", 14")