(Evans snare drum heads)

Evans genera hd dry drum head, 13"

£20.50 £23.00

Evans Genera HD Dry 13" Drum Head- B13HDD.

The Genera HD Dry single-ply snare drum head from Evans produces a warm tone along with a fat and focused attack and minimal sustain. The Dry version of the HD snare drum from Evans features small vent holes around the edge which eliminate stray harmonics and tighten the sound. These Evans Genera HD Snare drum heads feature two plies of film:  an outer ply of 5mil film and an inner ply of 7.5mil film, in combination with a 2mil overtone control ring on the underside that "floats" with the head and eliminates excessive overtones and controlling sustain.


  • 13"


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Evans Genera HD Dry Drum Head, 13"